The New York City
      Golden Festival
      Jan. 18 & 19, 2013

      Shaking up Brooklyn again!

An incredible grass roots event, New York’s only music and dance festival of its kind celebrates 28 years of live Balkan, Roma (“Gypsy”) music and beyond. The Festival is hosted by Zlatne Uste Brass Band and features dozens of live bands playing on FOUR (!) stages. 

From international stars to local favorites, musicians from all over the world come to play and sing Albanian, Bulgarian, Romany (Gypsy), Macedonian, Serbian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Croatian, Norwegian, Swedish, Klezmer, Ukrainian, and Georgian music, among others. Dancing is encouraged. Bop to a brass band, chill to a quiet set of songs, bask in the luxurious setting of a restored local landmark.

Admission: $35 Friday 18th/$55 Saturday 19th/$80 both nights

Discount for students with ID. Children 12 and under free.

The Grand Prospect Hall, 263 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215


Profits donated to charitable or educational organizations related to Balkan cultures and communities.