Maybe somebody can help me here.

I am involved with a charity in the UK who operates in Romania (have been for many many years) rescuing abused children from sewers and streets in Romania.

The charity involved built a home and now many children live their and are cared for. It is very successful.

However, there has been much corruption and basically, practically nobody can be trusted. Some of the local church ministers turned out to be pocketing cash for their own purposes. The Mafia has made death threats and so on. But alas, the charity still continues undeterred.

My query relates to a web site that was built for the charity and has been raising money to help support the charity. It contains regular newsletters if the happenings of the charity including pictures of some of the children. They are pictures of group photos showing them in the home and eating dinner etc along with text explaining the picture. All very innocent stuff. Which we have to do because the British charity commission needs to see that the charity is indeed doing what it says it does.

Unfortunately, the children's home in Romania was visited by the so called, "Child protections Agency" who angrily demanded answers as to why there was a web site containing images of the children. They have basically said that this is illegal in Romania and that they will close down the home unless we remove the web site (which incidentally contains work on Thailand as well). They have quoted a law which is Art. 2, 4 / H.G. 1018/2002 which apparently prohibits this. Having spent some considerable time looking on the Internet, I can find nothing at all.

I find it incredible that this agency would consider closing down a home full of children for the sake of 1 web site. They are not protecting children by doing this. All they will end up doing is hurting them.

Does anybody know of such a law?

Of course I can understand their being laws regarding web sites and images etc. But they would have to be put into context surely?